How do I retrieve my Bonuses?

  • Joseph Ahmed
  • Jul 24, 2021

#1 Step Claim Bonus on JVZOO

Step 1: Log on to your JVZoo customer portal at:
The login details will have been given in the purchase receipt email you are sent from JVZOO.

Step 2: After Logging in, Locate “My Purchases” button.

Step 3: Click on the “View Details” button of the product you purchased.

Step 4: You will see a detailed page for your purchase.

Clicking on ACCESS PURCHASE will take you to a page where you register your account by choosing a username and password, and giving us the email address you would like associated with the account for password reminders, etc

Once you have registered your account you simple click on the login link – login and start creating – there is nothing to download

Step 5: If you purchased an Upgrade to this product, please follow the same procedure to Access the purchase – this time when you click on the link, a window will pop up with your upgrade code. Please copy it and past it in the field on your ACCOUNT page inside your account

Step 6: If you have purchased the product under an affiliate link that was offering a bonus, you should see your Bonus access below the product access details like:

#2 Step Claim Bonus on WarriorPlus (W+)

1. Check for an email from Warrior+
2. Click on the link that says access your purchase here
3. You will then be taken to Warrior+ and see 2 buttons, “Access Your Purchase” and below it is the “Access Affiliate Bonus”

4. Click on the “Access Affiliate Bonus” button and you’ll be directed to the bonus download page.

#3 if you don’t find it, please email [email protected]

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