Contabo Review: My Experience Using Contabo for 4 Years

  • Joseph Ahmed
  • Nov 21, 2022
Contabo Review
Contabo Review
Contabo Review

I’ve been using VPS for a long time to host my small blogs. Various providers such as Digitalocean, Vultr, Hostsailor, Linode and many more have experienced the pleasure of the money I have paid. The latest is Contabo, a company based in Germany, the European Union, which is the only company that still routinely gets money from my pocket to this day. follow my Contabo Review below

Contabo Review – Is Contabo the Perfect Host for Your Website?

Contabo is a web hosting provider that offers attractive packages and low prices. Along with its shared, VPS, dedicated, and colocation hosting services, Contabo focuses on meeting clients’ expectations with quality customer support.

In 2003, Michael Herpick and Michael Bölke founded a German-based web hosting company called Giga-International.

Since then, the company has grown to boast two data centers (one in Munich and one in Nuremberg) and has been rebranded as Contabo.

Following Contabo’s expansion with a second datacenter, it also provides colocation hosting. To find out more about what’s on offer, dig into our Contabo review below.

Services and Specializations

Contabo offers several hosting packages designed to meet the needs of websites both big and small.

Contabo Dedicated Servers

Contabo offers three dedicated server options from which you can choose.

Dedicated servers can be customized prior to ordering, with basic specifications listed on the order page. Both Linux and Windows operating systems are available with RAID storage as standard, and all users benefit from root access.

VPS Hosting

There are two types of VPS hosting: one type offers traditional hard disk with SSD boost, while the other offers SSD drives strictly. The conventional hard disk option gets you a lot of storage space at a budget-friendly price, and the SSD boost gets you faster read and write speeds.

You’ll also have to choose your specific plan, and the option that’s best for you depends on the amount of CPU cores, RAM, storage space, and bandwidth you need for your site.

What Do All Contabo VPS Plans Include?
Regardless of which disk storage option you choose, you can run either Linux or Windows on your VPS environment.

All plans come with:

  • Root access
  • Web interface reboot capability
  • Access to OS installation and management
  • VNC access
  • 1 dedicated IP address
  • DNS management
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Webspace Packages
  • Shared hosting is available from Contabo, under the name of webspace packages.

Disk space, MySQL databases, and email addresses are limited, but not to a degree that most clients should hit these limits.

Webspace packages also support the use of SSL certificates, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, and Magento, and there’s a one-click installer featuring 300+ web applications. You’ll also receive protection against DDoS attacks.

Colocation Services

Contabo’s colocation services are an option for those who own their own servers but still need a physical location to host them.

By doing this, Contabo will be responsible for making sure that your server stays running — they secure the facility and confirm that it remains available and connected to the internet.

Colocation packages are scalable. Colocation plans can be tailored online, while cost and pricing terms are updated on the go. Users can even choose their billing structure for power at the point of order by:

  • Fixed price per month for average usage
  • Priced by kWh
  • Priced per 16A outlet

Contabo Review The Features

In addition to web hosting, Contabo offers the following website-related features.

Webmaster Features

Are you a webmaster or aspiring to be one? The following Contabo features will be of interest to you.

Domain Names

Contabo is a domain name registrar, so you can register a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name to the company (though you must be a Contabo customer to take advantage of the company’s domain name services). Currently, Contabo offers over 300 domain extensions.

All domains registered with Contabo come with a customer control panel that makes it simple for you to create and update your different DNS records with ease.

Security Features

To keep your site safe and secure, Contabo offers you the following security features.


Contabo offers a backup add-on that gives users the ability to save encrypted backups via FTP. There’s also another service, 100% Auto Backup, that provides automatic and regular backups for the entire contents of a web hosting account.

With this add-on, backups are taken daily, weekly, and monthly. In order to retrieve a backup, clients have to contact support to request the files.

There does not appear to be a free backup solution included with any plan.


Contabo offers lots of information about its infrastructure, so how firm does the company stand?

Where Are Contabo’s Datacenters Located?

Contabo won the German Data Center Award in both 2017 and 2018.

It has servers in two datacenters in Germany, which also serve as its headquarters and offices.

Contabo has been at its Munich datacenter since 2009. It provides 300 square meters of space, with a capacity for 4,000 Contabo servers.

Contabo also has its own datacenter in Nuremberg, which offers additional capacity for servers and the ability to offer colocation services to its clients.

The Nuremberg facility provides a 1,700 square meter data hall with the capacity for 10,000 servers, as well as 700 square meters dedicated to office space.

Hardware Security

These two facilities are geographically separate and benefit from different power suppliers, meaning that it’s less likely that a provider outage could take out both facilities at once.

Both have n+1 cooling and climate cabinets and make use of free cooling technology. They are carrier-neutral, with multiple fiber connections coming into the facility and multiple 10 Gigabit uplinks providing plenty of capacity.

Power is supplied via an on-site substation and is backed up with multiple uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Staff are present 24/7, and all sites are secured via:

  • ID cards
  • Alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Individually lockable racks
Get Instant Access Contabo
Get Instant Access Contabo

Billing And Guarantees

It is good to know your data is left in safe hands – let’s see how Contabo fares with their backup and guarantee features in place.

Billing and Payment

Payment is accepted via bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, and Western Union. Payments can be initiated via the user control panel once you have your login details from Contabo.

Uptime Guarantee

Contabo provides a 99.9% Uptime guarantee

Support and Customer Service

Contabo provides telephone support from 8 am to 11 pm in its local time zone (UTC+2) 365 days a year. It also offers support via email, although it’s not specific about the opening and response times.

Self-Help Resources

For those who are interested in self-help resources, the company provides an online FAQ and free tutorials on server management.

The FAQ page is divided into the following categories:

  • General Questions
  • Web Hosting Package-Specific Questions
  • Server-Specific Questions
  • Colocation and Bandwidth-Specific Questions
  • IPv6-Specific Questions

Pros and Cons

Now that we have taken a close look at all that is offered by Contabo, what are the pros and cons of this web hosting company?


Contabo offers a wide range of hosting plans that are capable of meeting the needs of a variety of users
Easy up and down-scaling
Contabo is one of the few web hosts that offers colocation services


Domain name services are only available to those who have purchased web hosting services from Contabo

My Experience Using Contabo

I’ve been using contabo for all projects for  4 years. and I really love their service

My Contabo Uptime
My Contabo Uptime

You can see my picture above, Contabo provides 100% uptime for the last 3 months for my projects.

besides that their support is also professional and fast.

that’s a strong reason why I really trust contabo for 4 years

My Contabo Invoices
My Contabo Invoices

The picture above is my invoice amount for 4 years, which proves that I have been loyal to them.

Summary Contabo Review

Customers in Germany and central Europe are particularly drawn to Contabo because he is a skilled host. Customers who want reliable, long-term service and prompt resolution of technical issues will benefit from the company’s ownership and operation of its own datacenters.

Although its facilities are staffed around-the-clock, the one area we would point out for improvement is that it appears that support isn’t provided overnight.

In every other way, Contabo has a solid reputation and a wide range of hosting options.

If Contabo’s products pique your interest but the business isn’t the best fit for you, you might think about some of the well-liked substitutes listed above.


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