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Video continues its onward march as the bannerman of the content revolution. In fact, it’s fairly safe to say that most start-ups and scale-ups have yet to take full advantage of video marketing for their brand.

Why do I think so?

The reason is simple. A big hurdle to video production is, of course, upfront cost. But an even bigger hurdle is, shooting, editing, and publishing fresh content is a complex, time-consuming task and perhaps you could have the best content in the world but it’ll still not get noticed if you use the WRONG kind of video.  

Working as a young marketer, I have been driven crazy and under pressure (due to my tight budget) when doing this work FOR THOUSANDS OF TIME. Some of you are like me and perhaps this is the reason why you decide to stop by having a look at Klippyoin my review. It is a solid app of video creation, created by a team who’ve worked with brands like Sony, Tesla, and Vodaphone, used and fully endorsed by video marketing celebrity Derral Eves. Roll down right away to explore the product!



Vendor:Joey Xoto
Launch Date:2019-May-28
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$97
Recommend:Highly Recommend
Home Page:https://klippyo.com/
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee



Klippyo is a web-based application allowing you to shoot, edit, and post stunning videos from your phone in formats correctly optimized for social media in minutes. It is so simple to use that you can create highly engaging videos from your mobile device by yourself without needing any software or hiring professional.

Let me summarize some significant benefits Klippyobrings about:

    ♥    Gain more engagement

    ♥    Get higher video views

    ♥    Lower the cost

    ♥    Increase visibility in newsfeeds



Joey Xoto is not only a talented software creator but also a famous digital product provider of nearly 20,000 sales on JVZoo. Working in the field for years enables him to generate 7 figure income, which is unbelievable and admirable.

He has earned his reputation from product sold like hot cakes such as: Video Marketers Guide; InstaThumbnail; Video Persuasion Method,… As you can see, Joey Xoto’s software mainly focuses on creating video – regarded as the toughest part for most marketers.

Joey Xoto produced this product – Klippyo to meet the growing need and help you catch up with the latest trend. Does it inherit other previous successes? You will find out below.null


Get Ready To Create Professional, Engaging Videos Right From Your Mobile Device!

All-In-One, Professional Videos In A Few Minutes!

Tired of spending hours of your time and hard earned cash on editing videos in complex software? With Klippyo, you can shoot, edit & make your videos look stunning in the palm of your hands! And it all happens in minutes, using the powerful, yet simple to use Klippyo app.

Meme Your Video In Just ONE Tap!

Video memes are not just the trendy new thing to do… they’re proven to increase clicks, conversions & engagement! With Klippyo, you can easily meme’ify your video in a few seconds!

Add Emojis, Text, Quotes And More In A Few Seconds!

Want to insert a little extra zing to your videos? Easily & quickly insert emojis, text, drawings or even popular quotes by simply tapping buttons. No complex software necessary, everything happens from the palm of your hand.

Insert ONE Tap Animated Intros And Outros!

Klippyo lets you add fully customisable intros and outros to your videos! Want a funky text call out at the beginning of your video? Need to show your social links at the end of your video? No problemo.

Viddyoze Integration: Connect to Klippyo on a web browser and import your videos directly to your Klippyo creations!

Need A Square Or Rectangular Video? You Have Got It In A Few Seconds.

Vertical and square videos have proven their weight in gold many times over when it comes to click performance and profitability! The problem is, doing this manually is problematic and time consuming. Not anymore. Klippyo taps the problem away with just ONE prod of your finger.

Automatic Captions!

It is been statistically proven that captioned videos have much higher engagement & retention rates. Thankfully, adding captions with Klippyo is just a case of tapping 1 button, and like magic, Klippyo is able to add captions to your video in a few minutes! Alternatively, you can upload your on caption files too.

Shoot, Edit And Tap To Publish!

Finished your video? Good. No need to render extensive video files. Simply hit “Publish” & post your video to any social network you desire… in any resolution or ratio you want!

Do Not Have Your Own Video? No Problem.

Klippyo is fully integrated with Viddyoze Stock, giving users access to thousands of stock video clips to create their videos from! No need to shoot anything! Simply & easily pick a professional video from our massive stock library, customise and make it your own, then publish when you are done!

100% Cloud Based. Phenomenal Customer Support.

Desktop software tied to your computer? Pfff! Klippyo works on any web browser on any portable device! That means you can shoot videos on the go, edit them, and publish to any social network all within a few minutes, without the need of expensive desktop software.


Anyone who uses Klippyo can increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, monetize the videos or even set up a video agency as their own business. That’s why Klippyois perfect for:

   +    Newbies

   +    Marketers with multiple stores, affiliate sites, and product sites

   +    Video Marketers

   +    Business Owners

   +    Small or Local Business

   +    Product Creators

   +    Freelancers

   +    Video agencies

   +    Bloggers

   +    Offline Marketers

   +    Social Media Marketers

   +    Online Coacher


You have 2 options for purchasing Klippyo. Just need to invest $77 for Klippyo Personal License or $97 for Klippyo Studio License.

    ♥    The “Personal License” is for single users who are creating video content for their own business. This license has restricted features & limited assets.

    ♥    The “Studio License” with Commercial Rights is an unlimited license with additional special features, and it allows you to earn money directly from the videos

You can make the choice based on your demand, but I personally recommendKlippyo Studio License as the 20-dollar price difference is not too much, you get more benefits in turn. Whatever option you choose, you still get 30 Day Money Back guarantee with NO questions asked. Whenever you feel unsatisfied, return it and get back your money. It is a risk-free investment.

This good deal will not last long because the price will go up soon. So, take your action as soon as possible.



    ♥    Endless Customisation

    ♥    Quick access

    ♥    Simple to use

    ♥    Highly responsive online help desk

    ♥    Superior quality

    ♥    Work on both Mac and PC or even mobile device

    ♥    Reasonable price

    ♥    No skills or experiences needed

    ♥    Created by talented and renowned software creators

    ♥    Huge Demands

    ♥    30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    ♥    You just need to make sure the internet connection is good enough to run the system


In conclusion, buying Klippyo might be the right choice for you thanks to its outstanding features and its ability to produce stunning videos as well as sell them to others, which both are profitable for you.  $77 – $97 is not at all a high price forKlippyo’s superior quality. And your investment is guaranteed safely thanks to 30 Day Refund without any questions asked.

Notice! The price may go up soon so you should grab the chance and make the best deal! Thank you again and hopefully my honest review helps you decide better!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!


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