Engagermate Review: Increasing Engagement On Instagram Automatically

Social media is a great platform that can tremendously increase company sales. However, for it to be effective, you ought to have a certain level of engagement with your followers. In this Engagermate Review article, I would like to introduce a new powerful tool for Instagram,

Well, the more you engage with other users, the higher your chances of getting a better outcome. For a person with a busy schedule, doing so can prove to be quite challenging.

That is where Engagermate steps in. Developed and enhanced by professional marketer Luke Maguire, it is meant to automatically send users a direct message to their inbox the moment they follow your profile on Instagram.

The message can be customized to meet your specific needs. This is a tool of its own kind and has been coded with great precision such that it’s unthinkable for it to make a mistake. To make it more effective, Engagermate is designed following the basics of Artificial Intelligence.


Product CreatorLuke Maguire
Launch Date2019-May-01
Launch Time09:00 EDT
Front-End Price$47
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE
Type of ProductCloud-based Software
Skill Level RequiredAll Levels
RecommendHighly Recommended


Engagermate is a software created by Luke Maguire. Engagermate is specifically designed tocustomize your Instagram account and maximize your engagement with your customers by sending them automatic customized messages almost immediately right after they follow your page. This would give you more opportunities to approach many potential customers and increase your sales on Instagram market.

Engagermate allows you to automatically engage with your followers even when you are sleeping. With Engagermate, you can shave off a tremendous amount of time online and yet you can still catch up with your followers and constantly engage with them. Thus, you can have more time with your friends and family and more power to control your online business.

In spite of all the automatic engagement with your customers done by Engagermate, your followers are going to feeling like they are interacting with a human being becauseEngagermate was amazingly designed to be able to improvise with all the possible questions and answers that your customers are likely to interact with you thanks to Artificial Intelligence Learning. Plus with AI learning it can track where your customers come from.



That’s why Engagermate is not a bot or a spammer. 

Engagermate also gives you live growth notifications about all the changes in your followers.


You can also see how well you are doing with your business with a graph that displays the growth of your page within a specific amount of time

Engagermate can be operated well on both Android and IOS.


The following are the simple steps through which ENGAGERMATE works:

  • Connect

Input the hashtags being used in the target market and the usernames of your competitors who’ve positioned themselves on Instagram to emulate their strategy.

  • Select

Select what you would want to happen. It could be to follow users, like photos, or unfollow inactive users. Consider the information you’ve received from the competitors’ analyses from step one.

  • Engage

Click on Start and relax as your Instagram account automatically likes users in your hashtag and target market, as well as those who’ve interacted with your immediate competitors.


Engagermate is best fit for people who do business, marketing or provide services online or Instagram influencers. Engagermate helps you take over the market easily by helping you increase the number of likes and followers which are the key to your success with online business and provides human-like interactions with your followers.

Engagermate Review – Engagermate can solve all your problems.

Doing business on Instagram is obviously not a piece of cake. You have a lot of things to do with your page in order to increase trust and sales with your customers such as catching up with your followers, interacting with them on a daily basis, getting to know who you are doing business and so on… Those things are truly daunting tasks and they can end up draining you out. However, everything will be much more relieving and easier withEngagermate. Engagermate is like the most trusted sidekick you could possibly have for your business on Instagram. 


EngagerMate has got some excellent engagement features, like:

  • Auto engagements for likes, follows and unfollows.
  • Engage 24/7 with the followers of your competitors.
  • Engage with people of your local area.
  • Engage with people who have been to a certain place, venue or establishment.
  • Engage with people through hashtags.

Other significant features include

Artificial Intelligence Learning (i.e. learning who is most likely to want your product/service, which makes it possible to engage with the highest performing fans of your niche).

AUTO-INBOX — Sending a welcome message to a user the moment they follow you, with call to actions included.

LIVE growth notifications- Showing your growth and engagement in real-time, plus reporting what your market is actually doing with your profile.

Mobile App Integration — EngagerMate integrates with Instagram through Android and iPhone apps before connecting to the EngagerMate cloud, so that it stays within the terms of Instagram but this also makes it possible for users to actively change and view their engagements and view real-time stats of their progress.

Live reporting notifications- Check the content you are engaging with LIVE, track your ROI, growth, audience locations and it is also possible to print reports of your market which gives you a real life snapshot of your audience, who they are, their interests and how to use that in other marketing efforts.

To See Full Features Of EngagerMate

Watch a demo video of our EngagerMate Review:


You can get started with EngagerMate at $47, which I must say is a very reasonable price, considering all its features and how it can improve your ROI. Plus, during launch week, you will get the AUTO INBOX feature for FREE.

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