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Big Data: Power Of The Digital World


19. Over the century, scientists began experimenting on animals to better understand life in nature. As a result of these analyses, reports and statistics formed the first sources of what we call today’s data. Technological development, which has grown rapidly since the industrial revolution, has led to many differences.

Big data : The Process Of Formation

If we go back to the last 20 years, information concepts have started to form with the infrastructure of it. By 2020, the speed of access to information is very high in the size and diversity of information in the digital world. Since information is being processed rapidly in our daily lives, it has gone on an unstoppable rise. Our phone numbers today, the sites we shop on, what we look for in search engines … Our message traffic on social platforms has provided the concept of artificial intelligence by storing, processing, and updating this information. This creates big data.

We are constantly transmitting information to the digital world through the technological tools we have. This allows us to understand how important information is to us, not just to IT professionals. The companies that hold the technology have already begun to command us. With all of our knowledge, he has developed artificial intelligence to keep us in the digital world and draw us into his own. 20 years ago, the only percent of 20 of the data was digital, but today, this is up to percent 99. Now the information is at our fingertips with just one click.

All the information related to the Information, Service, and product we want in search engines are now very fast for these reasons shortened our reach. Our online transactions, credit card expenditures, votes we use, purchases, social media accounts, and more are all kept and used. Let’s look at these little pieces together, which form the lowest elementary snippet of online content.

Development Of The Digital World

Research can also be called reasoning, which is the first knowledge that occurs as a result of the discussion. In the digital world, data doesn’t mean much in one sense. All the information generated by the component helps us understand many data totals over time.. This created a pool of information that goes over GB or even terabytes of bits. It builds the infrastructure of today’s digital and IT networks. For example, assuming that one player of the team we hold today has a pass rate of 87%, it shows that this is a data in a sense. This player’s pass percentage on the team, pass percentage in the league, continental pass percentage, and worldwide pass percentage are big data.

What’s going on online in a minute ?

  • There are 31 million posts on Facebook.
  • 347 thousand tweets Twitter
  • 48 thousand photos of Instagram
  • 300 hours of video YouTube

The Power Of Big Data

While data sharing on the internet was so high, new professional groups began to form as well. Data scientists, artificial intelligence engineers, content editors, etc. as such, their formation comes across as occupations brought by the new digital world. The digital world is more of a transition from traditional business to online business. Then they helped grow this world by increasing its purchasing power and higher profit ratio, with advantages such as reaching large audiences, speed of interaction, needing fewer staff . According to Amazon’s success story since 1995, we can see it as giving the customer what they want with a cloud-based storage system and using artificial intelligence in the most effective way

Access to information has become very easy due to the rapid development of technology. In addition to the good side, many information pollutions has emerged. Some software companies engaged in R & D have introduced the concept of ‘ big data’. The information access process has increased and continues to increase in size over the past 20 years. Instant access to information in the search optimization field, and the fact that it offers many alternatives, explained this concept of ‘ big data ‘ more extensively. If big data is to be defined briefly, it keeps all the pieces of information in a cloud and finds and reveals the information we want. Big data helps us to ask him questions and get qualified and numerical information.

What are big information components in short ?

The big data components are variety, velocity, volume, validation, and value, respectively.
It is shown with 5V: Diversity is explained by speed, data size, validation, value components.

The digitized data has grown so much that it is now stored with petabytes and exabytes. New structures have been built to protect big data. Particle processing speed has now shifted from information to information between shortened seconds. Events such as the value generated by big data, the evaluation of the reports held while analyzing, and the translation of them into statistics have been facilitated. These values, which add component meaning, allow us to understand an entire ocean with a small drop of water.

The most defining difference between data and big data allows us to ask Big Data Questions and get the data we want from it. Let’s give an example to help you understand the subject better . Imagine walking into the library. Consult a book on the topic you are looking for working there. He can walk through shelves and sections and show you the books that will help you very quickly. The first library we refer to here points to the information size. Employees can be defined as an information rate, generating qualitative and quantitative transaction value.

Big Data And Fields Used

The use of big data is emerging in many areas of our lives. The collection, analysis, and reporting of much of the information generated within the company result in a large data requirement. Almost all programmers know that banks capture a huge scale of information for their customers ‘ information, reports, interfaces, and introductions. Likewise, health organizations store all information to provide better-personalized health care to individuals. Also, the information generated by search engines in the background is huge. We can tell from this example. Google has invested $ 10.5 billion in data centers as of 2018. Having knowledge represents strength.

In today’s world, Google and Facebook are companies with knowledge. It helps us use the data instead of the host. Another example is the figure that appears daily on Twitter, where social media shares generate millions of kilobytes of data a day.7 terabytes. I think that will exceed that in the years to come. We saw the number of information and content created in just 1 minute.

Companies and many institutions have provided more digital platforms than the traditional market. There are disadvantages as well as advantages. Data collection brings some problems such as size, controls, storage. After that, new business models emerged. One of these professions is content writing. Another working model is e-book writing.

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